Thursday, February 10, 2011

Artist Interview: Stevie Fieldsend

Stevie Fieldsend_solve et coagula (install shot)
_2010_glass, wood_dimensions variable

What is it that you are trying to achieve with the works in this exhibition?
Solve et Coagula is a response to the time spent with my father, and his sudden death. How grief resides in the body. It is about bodily sensation and it is my memorial to him. Central to this personal experience are the notions of transferrence and transformation.

What message or ideas, if any, are you are trying to convey?
The essence of this work is about those ideas of transferrence and transformation. How from generation to generation, unresolved issues can be passed down. Inside of that lies the idea of transformation in that - given the right environment these seemingly fixed ways of being can in fact change and this is embodied in the materiality of steel, burnt wood, and cooled molten glass.

Stevie Fieldsend will be showing Solve et Coagula in the Artereal project space until the 26 February 2011.

Stevie Fieldsend_solve et coagula #7
_2010_glass, wood_66 x 13 x 15cm

Stevie Fieldsend_solve et coagula #8
_2010_glass, wood_81 x 36 x 24cm

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