Friday, July 8, 2011

The Motel Sisters tour Europe...

The Motel Sisters at Arteles opening, 2 July 2011

The Motel Sisters, Paris and Tacky Motel, are a performance duo that parody popular culture, suburbia and contemporary art. The characters are loosely based on over-media-saturated socialites such as Paris Hilton. Mixed with this pink-clad celebrity stereotype are the qualities of the aspiring suburban teen, including the influence of consumer fashion trends, identity angst and the superficial unrequited desire to be famous. The Motel Sisters have undertaken guerilla television appearances on Australian daytime tv shows, and also utilise aspects of interactive websites in their art-making. For instance, they present video art online on YouTube and cheekily experiment with Chatroulette. The Sisters endlessly self-promote using the ultimate self-promotion tool, the internet - in order to push the boundaries of performance art in a digital age.

In July 2011 the Motel Sisters will be in Europe presenting their European and Australian Contemporary Art and Performance forum. This will explore examples of cultural attributes prominent in various European art communities alongside Australian examples. With a particular focus on performance art this forum will be a lively discussion about contemporary performance and art in the digital age and how it can be utilised to boost artistic endeavours. The Motel Sisters podcast, ‘Popaganda’, will document the forum. This will be an exciting and interactive live performance and multimedia event; encompassing local, international and global perspectives.
For more information:

Helsinki 15th July, 6pm
Hosted by Ptarmigan & including special guests:
Guest speaker - Ilka Theurich - www.ilkatheurich.blogspot.​com
Interactive artist - Kelly Monico -​/
Experimental musician - Brendan Carn -​brendancarn/tracks

Tallinn 16th July, 8pm
Toom-Kooli 13
Hosted by Ptarmigan as part of the Germ-Free-Youth-Party and also featuring David, Rothenberg, Umrux5, Steve Vanoni + more tba!

Helsinki 30th July
Arteles Performance walks
At Kiasma
dates to be announced!

dates to be announced!

In addition the Motel Sisters will be on an artist residency at Arteles throughout July, in Haukijärvi, Finland.

(The Motel Sisters duo is comprised of Artereal artist Liam Benson and fellow artist Naomi Oliver).

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