Friday, August 5, 2011

Ken + Julia Yonetani in New Scientist Magazine!

Ken + Julia Yonetani are currently included in a group exhibition Art and Science, which is currently showing at GV Art in London until the 24th September.

Ken + Julia Yonetani_Imagine Tree_2010

Featuring artists such as Helen Pynor and Stelarc, the exhibition explores the idea that "science is changing our world and our lives at an ever increasing rate. But today artists are bringing science out of the laboratory.

Once art and science seemed diametrically opposite; but these days some of the most innovative artists are fusing art and science to create a brand new art movement inspired by science. Striving to visualise the invisible and what it must mean to be human in the future, they create images and objects of stunning beauty, redefining the notion of aesthetic and of what is meant by art." (GV Art)
As part of this exhibiton Ken + Julia Yonetani are exhibiting their multimedia projection, Imagine Tree, which uses electron microscopy to capture photosynthesis and respiration of leaves.
To read a review of this exhibition, including the work of Ken + Julia Yonetani, visit the current issue of New Scientist magazine.

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