Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Gary Deirmendjian_carbon input_2011

"This took place at the dilapidated Rozelle tram shed (next to Harold Park Paceway) before Easter this year. It was one of my favourite places to be In Sydney, but much less so now that its been fenced up by Mirvac, waiting for DA approval for more exclusive apartments.

I went there for a wonder late that day, saw the scattered soft toys and the trolley hiding in the bushes. On the spur of the moment, as is mostly the case with these micro vids of mine, I did what I did thinking only that it would be interesting to film the fire gobbling up the toys. Here we are in the cool of more than half a year (and several attempts at working with the footage) later ... it suddenly clicked into form and began to carry far more meaning in reverse than it ever did going forward.

It began to really say something about the sheer black energy that goes into their creation, which remains largely unaccountable." - Gary Deirmendjian (2011)

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