Friday, May 17, 2013


Michel Lawrence from Inside Art interviews Camille Hannah about her work and practice. Camille's work can currently be seen at Artereal Gallery as part of Paint13 until June 1st, 2013.

"Harnessing the contemporary aesthetic of mediated visuality, my paintings are contextualized by their status as a non-photographic image in a world dominated by the screen, traversing the paradox between the prohibition of touch in relation to digital technology and art – and an erotic’s of painting. From this base these works reference the history of painting and the digital as a power. Through the use of visual strategies, large- scale format, and the reversal of the painted surface, the viewer is looking through a clear plastic ‘screen’ at the reverse of the work. These paintings aim to explore alternative models of spatio-temporal representation, creating spaces where multi-layered planes of realities force estrangement, triggering a perceptual shift in our viewing of the space/time continuum. They offer a new way to respond to what the ‘visual’ is, in a context of technical images, and by doing so, position the medium as an active participant throughout our digital future." 

(Camille Hannah, Artist Statement, 2013).

 Camille Hannah_install shot_2013

 Camille Hannah_Fragment 5 - Aphrodite_2012_oil and acrylic on aluminium_240 x240cm

 Camille Hannah_Leviticus List_2012_oil and acrylic on aluminium_240 x240cm

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