Thursday, May 1, 2014


Sequester_installation shot

Simone Douglas is currently exhibiting as part of a curated exhibition entitled Sequester, at the Embassy of Australia in Washington DC.

The group exhibition showcases works from six Australian contemporary artists currently working out of New York City and London; featuring Simone Douglas, Patrick Foster & Jen Berean, Matthew Griffith, Christopher Hanrahan, and Rob McLeish.

"Alike science experiment these artists have been selected based upon an empirical set of rules. The artists all live and work outside of Australia and they have all in varying degrees worked as educators.

In building upon these basic facts the exhibition aligns the reductive tendencies of each artist’s practice - this manifesting itself aesthetically or conceptually in their various approaches to art making. In an act of sequestering, each artist has adopted a system of constraint to structure their experiments. The external material fed into these systems is drawn from the world around them. This manifests as an engagement with the landscape in the work of Simone Douglas and a wry approach to media in Matthew Griffin’s work. Pat Foster and Jen Berean establish a strict set of rules for an engagement with wider society though a critical approach to architecture and design. While Rob McLeish and Christopher Hanrahan question our perceptual and material understanding through transformations and process.

Through the collation of these artists and the juxtaposition of their methods, Sequester demonstrates the ability of artists to examine and elucidate the vast complexities of lived experience with a remarkable economy of means."

Sequester runs from 31 March to 6 June 2014.
Gallery @ Embassy of Australia - 1601 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC

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