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Stevie Fieldsend_Bulging Ichorous_2015_install shots courtesy of Keith Maxwell

Congratulations to artist Stevie Fieldsend for winning the $5,000 Artist Peer Award and the $2,000 Scenic World Staff Choice Award for her 2015 sculptural work Bulging Ichorous. The work was exhibited as part of Sculpture at Scenic World, which ran until 10 May at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia. 

In this exhibition the works of thirty-three international and Australian artists transformed Scenic World’s natural Jurassic rainforest in the Blue Mountains with world-class sculptures. 

In her Artist Statement Stevie describes her artmaking: 

In working with materials that embody the process of transmutation such as molten glass and charred wood, a type of performance taking place close to the furnace, in the studio and the site, inside my body - a ritualistic branding that leaves more than a trace, more of a scarring. However there is the possibility of renewal through this action as there is in all woundings. In all rituals there is memorialisation and this is true of my work. 

Stevie has taught and lectured at Sydney College of the Art, University of Sydney and participated in many solo and group exhibition both in Australia and internationally. She is represented by Artereal Gallery, Sydney and was recently included in both Sydney and Melbourne’s Contemporary Art Fairs. 

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