Saturday, October 24, 2015


Pink Malk, 2015, children's pool, polyurethane foam and plastic, plastic tubes, acrylic,
 enamel, PVA glue, synthetic, strawberry oil fragrance, water pumps, Dimensions variable.

This October MCA's ARTBAR: Dystopia will be curated by artist trio Hissy Fit and will feature the work of Artereal artist Louise Zhang.

Zhang's work "Pink Malk" uses strawberry milk in lieu of water to create a fountain that is at once sickly sweet and grotesque.

Be mesmerized and entranced by the pink milk as its pumped through the fountain, zen out, remember your primary schoolyard days, or just marvel at the wonderful mind that is Louise Zhang!

ARTBAR: Dystopia will also involve- 
Justin Shoulder’s full face and body sculptures; blurring the line between ‘worn’ and ‘performed’. 
performance-lecture by Giselle Stanborough 
Play up schoolyard nostalgia with Louise Zhang’s strawberry milk fountain artwork 
DJ Sveta and The Smuts serve music on the rooftop terrace 
live art and installations from Toby K, Kelly Doley, Salote Tawale and more 

"Pink Malk" was originally part of an exhibition entitled A robot attempts to eat a chicken nugget held at Firstdraft Gallery earlier this year featuring Tully Arnot, Josh Harle, Jason Phu, Louise Zhang with curator Luke Letourneau.

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