Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Liam Benson_The Crusaider_2015_Inkjet print on cotton rag paper_Edition of 5_90 x 134 cm
(Photographed by Alex Wisser)

Shoufay Derz_Someone digging in the ground (black) (left) & Someone digging in the ground (red) (right)_2015
Pigment print on cotton paper, custom frame stained eucalyptus and rust_Edition of 5_99 x 92cm

Congratulations to our artists Liam BensonShoufay Derz and Zan Wimberley on being selected as finalists in this year's Blake Prize.

"The 64th Blake Prize has three prize categories that challenge artists to investigate ideas, issues and engage audiences in conversations surrounding spiritual thought and religion in contemporary art. All the Blake Prize’s are strictly non-sectarian. The entries are not restricted to works related to any faith or any artistic style, but any work entered must have a recognisable religious or spiritual integrity.

From 2016, The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre will deliver The Blake Prize as a biennial event into the future. Casula Powerhouse will maintain the guiding principles of The Blake Prize in continuing to engage contemporary artists, both national and international, in conversations concerning faith, spirituality, religion, hope, humanity, social justice, belief and non-belief. The Blake Prize is an aesthetic means of exploring the wider experience of spirituality and all this may entail with the visionary imagining of contemporary artists."

The winners will be announced on 12 February 2016.

To learn more about the Blake Prize, click here.

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