Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gary Deirmendjian: 'Manumente'

Sydney based artist Gary Deirmendjian is perhaps best known for his sculptures and site specific public art projects, but there is another aspect to Deirmendjian's practice which is equally intriguing.

For the past two years or so, Deirmendjian has been recording brief videos, often using his mobile phone, which he then edits and uploads on to the world of Youtube. This to him is a valid form of public space providing a new way of reaching an expanded audience in a very direct way and outside of the traditional mediated space of say the gallery.

Speaking about these videos, that he calls micro vids, Deirmendjian has said: "they come straight from the marrow of where I'm at as an individual first and as an artist next. They sit there in the Youtube ocean, condition free and unmediated... It's quite liberating to sense that irrespective of the numerous hurdles faced by artists, or a creative expressers of any sort, that there is always a way to reach people.

“In the case of "it's relentless" for instance, when I saw a TV on the side of the road and a set of bollards not too far away, suddenly a notion of possibility took over and I got urged to respond.

Of course the editing is another story and its not until then that things begin to strive towards effective form. "it's relentless" was shot a couple of months ago but it wasn't until this week that things began to make sense.

One can only respond or suggest through an arrived at filter of personal understandings and sensibilities. These vids are mostly enticed by the moment and the mobile in my pocket is like a sketch book and a pencil, ready to capture, while their final form may - or equally may not - suggest itself some time later.”

To watch Gary Deirmendjian's micro vids click here.

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