Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sculptures at Sawmillers

Installation shots: Gary Deirmendjian, Sawmillers Worm, 2010, 7.5m (length) x 80cm x 80cm, mixed media - latex balloons, internal lighting and other (tether, floating boom and anchorage means).

Artereal artist Gary Deirmendjian has recently completed a new work entitled Sawmillers Worm. Exhibited over the weekend as part  of the Sculptures at Sawmillers two day exhibition, the work was comprised of seven white balloons floating upon the water.

The exhibition was the initiative of a small group of McMahons Point residents and featured works from nearly 80 artists, with a prize of $10,000 also awarded. Held over the 18th and 19th of September in the little-known harbourside park, the backdrop proved to be perfect for showcasing an array of contemporary sculpture by emerging, mid-career and established sculptors.

In his artist statement Deirmendjian describes the work...

"... perhaps the work was quite simply a row of seven balloons sitting on the water.

Agitated by a unique collective of conditions at any given time and position, the work might have been perceived as a highly moment specific proposition - in that its immediate form is at the mercy of the passing moment.

Or, a little more suggestively, ... perhaps it was a reflection upon life. While each balloon was independently excited, there was the prevailing yet unseen lure to fall back into line so to speak - into the given social norm.

At best however, one hopes it was something interesting to look at. "

To see more images and a video of this work click here.

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