Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pingyao International Photography Festival

Stand-in: Landscape, Pingyao International Photography
Festival, 2010

Artereal artist and New York based photographer Simone Douglas has recently returned from exhibiting as part of the 2010 Pingyao International Photography Festival.

Stand-in: Landscape, an exhibition curated by Jim Ramer, and featuring the work of Simone Douglas, Arthur Ou and Jim Ramer, was held within a 2,500 year old walled village in an old warehouse in varying states of repair.

"These artists utilize the photographic medium to critically investigate the representation of spaces from the artificial to the naturalistic. Their work is an examination of the artificial or the constructed in landscape photography. They each have approached the genre of landscape photography in ways that depart from the documentary or 'straight', instead using sets, props and artificial stylization to construct scenes or views that recall naturalistic settings, but consciously undermining the fidelity of landscape photographs, and throw open a sequence of questions that cause the viewer to reconsider the perceptual de-stability of the photographic image."
Pics magazine, issue 22, 2010.

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