Friday, November 5, 2010

Daniel Wallwork - Urban Entomology

Birdwing, 2010, car bumpers, 2 pack automotive paint,
 aluminium, wood, 110 x 83 x 22 cm

Ulysses, 2010, car bumpers, 2 pack automotive paint,
 aluminium, wood, 120 x 60 x 20cm

Red Wing, 2010, car bumpers, 2 pack automotive paint,
 aluminium, wood, 140 x 80 x 20cm

Daniel Wallwork's latest exhibition Urban Entomology opened this week at Artereal. The exhibition features newly completed works inspired by the glittering insect life, including a mating pair of Australia’s largest and rare Birdwing Butterflies that inhabit the artist's tropical back garden in Cairns.

In his sculpture, Daniel Wallwork utilizes car body components to expose a seemingly vulnerable underside and brutal beauty and to underscore the relation between man and nature. His father owned a paint shop and Daniel grew up with the smell of paint and the industrial forms of cars and motor parts around him. A four year spray painter’s apprenticeship and extra-curricula graffiti art activity developed his exacting and vibrant painting techniques.

Daniel has also transformed myriad coloured car bumpers into a monumental shark fin rearing out of the sand of Tamarama Beach for Sculpture by the Sea 2010 which runs until the 14th November.

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