Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Isobel Philips on 'Photography and Place'...

Isobel Philips discusses the Art Gallery of New South Wales' current exhibition Photography and Place: approaches to Australian landscape photography 1970's till now on The Art Life website...

Simone Douglas_Blind IV _2000_
C Type Photograph_edition of 6_95 x 74cm

"Both Simone Douglas’s unfocused and blue tinted landscape series Blind and David Stephenson’s Antarctic ice-scapes – where the difference between land and sky is completely imperceptible – move into the realm of the transcendental. These works were fragile and profound in the very same instant.

The conceptual thread I had traced throughout the entire exhibition culminated in Douglas and Stephenson’s work. These works do not announce a constant or total landscape but whisper its delicate, fluctuating and intangible forms. As I see it, the whole exhibition works in and around this very premise. What matters here is not that which remains visible – that which shouts out at you from the centre of the image – but what is left unsaid, what is lost within the ellipsis." - (extract) Whispered Landscapes, Isobel Philips, The Art Life.

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