Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Photographic Universe: Simone Douglas in conversation with Michael T. Jones

The Total Archive
Simone Douglas with Michael T. Jones

The field of photography is constantly changing. What constitutes a "photographer" or a "photograph" has always been redefined by technological innovations. In the last two decades, the digital revolution and the Internet have enabled us to quickly develop new photographic processes, rapidly altering our definition of photography. One might even say that the present state of photography is similar to that of the time of its invention, when the form's emerging cultural significance swiftly expanded as a result of technological innovations. The Photographic Universe: A Conference reflects on this current moment, with the pervasive digitalization of the medium and its speedy permeation into contemporary life. Prominent thinkers and practitioners from a variety of artistic, scientific, cultural, and sociopolitical backgrounds discuss their role in the growing the field of photography, evaluate its increasingly blurry relationship between art and life, and speculate how photographic images will continue to change the way we see our world.

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