Friday, May 6, 2011

A response to Gary Deirmendjian's 'skin'...

Gary Deirmendjian_i see you pol pot_2011_
mixed media_unique editions_73 x 61 x 61cm

Dear Gary,

Thanks for the terrific exhibition. Your interpretation of "skin" fascinating, evoking for me here the amniotic sack of birth and there the mummification of flies in a spider's web. I love the mystery of sheathed forms, and you really delivered. The dozen works were enough to explore an idea and make a splash, but not so many that the show couldn't breathe- and breath it did, with stately spacing. However, if ONLY the lot had been bottomlit or backlit in darkness! Not a boost to opening festivity, and probably an O.H. & S. issue, but imagine the enhanced menace and eeriness of your fine work! One of the works near the window, I think the carcass-like "no crutch standing -arch" WAS backlit, so my jollies were partly satisfied. The two I stared and stared at were "i see you darling - for now" and "hello". The former seemed strangely like the offspring of that massive fellow on his haunches in the glade which you had in Sculpture by the Sea. Agedness and infancy mashed together in the spiky crib of a birds nest was utterly poignant. The tripod baby of the latter, hilariously odd. Hell's Kodak moment with a toffee coating!
All exciting, inventive stuff. You continue to inspire.

Arnum Endean
Gary Deirmendjian's latest exhibition skin can be seen at Artereal Gallery until the 28th May 2011.

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