Saturday, June 25, 2011

birds and clouds from one life to another...

birds and clouds from one life to another by Artereal artist Sylvia Schwenk and German artist Nikola Dicke references Bertolt Brecht’s poem The Lovers and centres around a work of participatory performance art that will see a group of model plane pilots from Germany and Holland working together to fly their model planes in a choreographed performance set to music written especially for this performance.

On the day of the performance the spectators and pilots will be invited to create large origami crane bird sculptures and smaller origami mobiles – which feature in Brecht’s poem – in a workshop held by the artists. The large origami sculptures will feature in a performance later in the day. There will also be a BBQ to celebrate the event.

One of the aims of this work is to build relationships across art and the sport of model plane flying, as well as building new relationships with pilots and spectators.

This work will be performed on Saturday 2 July, 2011 in Bad Bentheim (on the German and Dutch border) starting at 3pm.

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