Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Motel Sisters: A Yarn With Brendan Carn (Part 2)

The latest installment from The Motel Sisters...
Keep up with Paris and Tacky's latest adventures on their European Tour...


The Motel Sisters, Paris and Tacky Motel, are a performance duo that parody popular culture, suburbia and contemporary art. The characters are loosely based on over-media-saturated socialites such as Paris Hilton. Mixed with this pink-clad celebrity stereotype are the qualities of the aspiring suburban teen, including the influence of consumer fashion trends, identity angst and the superficial unrequited desire to be famous.

(The Motel Sisters duo is comprised of Artereal artist Liam Benson and fellow artist Naomi Oliver).

For more information on The Motel Sisters make sure to check out their website:

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