Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Along white lines - Sylvia Schwenk

Sylvia Schwenk_Along white lines I_2011

Along white lines is a unifying work of performance art by Sylvia Schwenk that will be presented by everyday-people-cum-performers during half time at the NTFA (North Tasmanian Football Association) Grand Final at Aurora Football Stadium, Launceston on Saturday, 17 September.

This work joins art with sport and community. The performance will see everyday people from Launceston dressed in hooded white coveralls, lying down on sections of the white lines that mark the boundary, centre square and so on of the football field, as well as standing in front of the goal posts. The performers will become the white lines. The spectators at the football event will also be invited to spontaneously participate in the work, increasing the lines on the field made by bodies.

People from different ages, backgrounds and interests will come together to realise this work of art that will be choreographed and directed by Sylvia Schwenk. The performance will engage with the architecture, geography, function, physical and social dynamics in the football field. Colour, unity, play, and relationship building are significant elements in Schwenk’s performances with participants wearing clothing appropriate to the psychology and setting of the theme, while performing simple, repetitive steps. The simplicity and elegance of which enhance the impact and potency of the performance.

Over the course of the performance, everyday people, who in many instances will meet each other for the first time will transform themselves from a group of individuals into a unified group of performers. They will work together, communicate with one another, help each other, solve problems together, answer each other’s questions, and implicitly trust each other to present the concept of the artwork in a professional, and cohesive way. By actively participating in the performance, the performers will also create their own experiences, memories, oral stories, and build relationships with the artist and their fellow performers.
Sylvia is currently the artist in residence at the Academy of the Arts, University of Tasmania, in Launceston.

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