Thursday, December 15, 2011


Zhang Hongkuan_Power Nest #9_2010

Simone Douglas and Zhang Hongkuan are currently included in Under the Willow: 3 years of the Willow Art Group and the works they didn't buy - a group show at Flinders Street Gallery which has been curated by Virginia Wilson.

"The Willow Art Group was established in early 2009 both as a way to support the grass-roots art scene and to give collectors the chance to purchase new work by innovative and exciting artists. There are 2 rules - no discussion of investment potential and no requests for discounts.

Over the last 12 months, I realised works overlooked by the group were worth a second look. I send images and information about artworks via email but sometimes what attracted me most to the work is lost in that process. This, coupled with the members of the Willow Art Group being incredibly busy, meant good works were slipping through. As a result, Under the Willow is anti-curated by the members of the group - it's the works they didn't buy." - Virginia Wilson, Art Consultant and Curator.

The exhibition includes work by artists such as: Stephanie Monteith, Ben Cauchi, Matt McWilliams, Paul Wells, Tori Ferguson, Simone Douglas, Sarah Newall, Jessica Maurer, Eliza Hutchison, Luis Martinez, Sherna Teperson and Eric Niebuhr.

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