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Stevie Fieldsend_Solve et Coagula_install shot

 Stevie Fieldsend_Solve et Coagula_install shot

Stevie Fieldsend_Solve et Coagula_install shot

Penfolds and renowned London-based designers Studio Toogood have collaborated to create an ambitious multi-sensory environment dedicated to wine and creativity called THE BLOCKS. Through art and design, THE BLOCKS encourages visitors to discover their palettes using sight, touch and smell before tasting some of the world's greatest wines all matched to distinctive foods.

"Perhaps it's the rich history and exclusivity - not to mention secrecy - that makes people (myself included) feel intimidated when faced with a tome-like wine list in a restaurant or the mile-long shelves at the local wine merchant. In a world full of choice, we feel more comfortable making decisions on what to wear, what food to order or which perfume to buy than we do selecting which wine to drink."
Faye Toogood, Director, Studio Toogood

While discovering THE BLOCKS, visitors will be greeted by trained sommeliers who will guide guests on a journey through five imperious wooden totems impregnated with different bespoke scents produced in conjunction with a perfumer for the event.

Not content with stimulating the nose, Studio Toogood asks guests to drink with their eyes by revealing glass cabinets filled with highly visual, poetic interpretations of the terminology normally associated with describing wine by five emerging Australian artists and designers.

Included amongst these artists is Stevie Fieldsend, who will next month be showing a new body of work in a solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery. Stay tuned for some install shots of Stevie's works within The Blocks Project setting!

THE BLOCKS will be live in Sydney for 3 weeks before exhibiting in major cities around the world.
Bookings are recommended.

From March 16 - April 5 at Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay

Wednesday – Friday 4pm to 11pm
Saturday – Sunday 1pm to 11pm

To find out more about THE BLOCKS and to make a reservation visit or contact 0407412640

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