Saturday, September 15, 2012


Congratulations to Claude Jones who has been awarded a Copyright Agency, Creative Industries Grant of $2,400 to support her current sculpture residency project in The Netherlands. Claude has also recently been awarded a grant by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust.

Claude has recently embarked on a 12 month project combining overseas research, artist residencies, conferences and exhibitions with a focus on learning and developing new skills, evolving and expanding her visual arts practice, researching art and exhibition opportunities and connecting with international peers, mentors and curators.

From October - December 2012, Claude will undertake a sculpture residency at The Fundacion Gruber Jez in Merida, Mexico, where she will work with mastor sculptor, Mariacarmen Castaner to learn techniques in producing moulds for complex sculptural forms and to cast objects using a variety of resins and metals. Merida, the capital of Yucatan, is rich with Mayan influence and artefacts. Claude is particularly interested in the pictorial and hieroglyphic imagery of Mayan ceramic painting, the flat and stylized depiction of narrative scenes and the use of repetitive motif to imply context. "To date, I have applied patterned fabrics, decorative papers and collaged prints to the surface of my sculptures. The direct application of painted and richly detailed narrative imagery will add layers of complexity and meaning to my work." 

From January - April 2013, Claude will undertake a ceramics residency at Sunday Morining@ekwc, a professional work-centre located in Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands that provides studios, workshops and technical assistance for artists, designers and architects from around the world to realise their projects in ceramics. Here she will learn skills in ceramic modelling, mould making and casting techniques and develop prototypes for an ambitious new installation work titled "Target Practice" which is scheduled for exhibition at Sculpture in The Vineyards, Hunter Valley, NSW and here at Artereal in Sydney in 2013. 

Claude will have her first solo exhibition in Europe in February 2013 at Nopx Gallery in Turin, Italy. 

She will also exhibit in a group show in Reatre Gallery in Vienna in May 2013 as one of 5 winners of theIts Liquid International Art Prize.

Claude will return to Sydney in June 2013 to complete her ceramic installation project in the ceramics studio at Sydney college of the Arts in Rozelle.

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