Wednesday, November 13, 2013


You are invited to participate in a short written conversation with Sydney based artist nola diamantopoulos, where complete silence will be observed. Participants will begin by writing a question on a piece of paper. In response, the artist will reflect on this question before replying with a question of her own. And so the performance will continue… 

Artereal Gallery invites you to participate in QUEST 

- The opening night of the exhibition will be held on Friday 15 November from 6-8pm, with nola performing for the duration of the evening. 
- nola will also be hosting an artist talk on the Saturday 16 November from 3pm.
- On Tuesday 19 November from 6.30-8.30pm watch nola perform QUEST live via Skype with Dogus  University (Istanbul) at Artereal Gallery

QUEST will be also be performed daily at Artereal Gallery from:

Wednesday - Saturday 
11am - 5pm 
15 - 30 November 2013 

"come. sit. quest. what is your question. what is my question. be silent."

QUEST was recently performed as part of the Director's Cut program at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair as curated by Barry Keldoulis. The artist will also be performing in conjunction with Dogus University in Istanbul via a two hour Skype session with participation from students and faculty members.

For further information on QUEST (including an interview with nola diamantopoulos) please click here or watch a video of nola performing at Sydney Contemporary here.

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