Friday, July 4, 2014



Behind the Scenes insight into Rebecca Beardmore's art making practice
Images courtesy of the artist, and Caitlin Wells

Rebecca Beardmore's new series, Double Vision: Between the Intimate and the Infinite, is currently exhibiting at Artereal Gallery until 2 August 2014.

The images above offer a glimpse into Rebecca's art making practice - on location capturing the images, as well as in the printmaking studio.

Illusion and reality vie in Rebecca Beardmore’s enigmatic sparse landscapes of pocked lava fields and bleached snow plains. Printed unconventionally onto glass, this new body of work continues her characteristic risk taking push of the boundaries and traditions of printmaking techniques and materials.

Central to Rebecca Beardmore’s art is the act of looking and the ambiguities and complexities intrinsic to sight and to how we look and what we see and read in images. Her works conjure with reality and its representation; with the poetics of how we engage with and navigate in and out of space, and how the mind folds into reverie while shifting from ‘I know” to immersing and experiencing.

To learn more about this exhibition, click here.

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