Monday, August 11, 2014


Sylvia Schwenk has been invited to perform as part of the Melbourne Art Fair performance program. Sylvia will be presenting a participatory performance entitled World Domination, as part of the Melbourne Art Fair, on Thursday 14 August.

World Domination is a fun and playful work of art that encourages laughter, whilst parodying evil, greed  and the desire to control the world. It is a nonsense. It is a silly and carefree project that is happy and evil, playful and scary all at the same time. World Domination aims to inspire happiness and laughter.
Sylvia's performance will take place on the City Circle Tram (route 35) which runs around Melbourne. Interested participants are encouraged to meet at the tram stop outside the MAF: Carlton Gardens’ Royal Exhibition Building at 5.15pm on the 14 August.
The performance will run from 6-9pm. Interested members of the public are welcome to participate in the work the whole time or for just the first hour.

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