Thursday, November 13, 2014


Claude Jones takes aim at man's exploitation of animals through her intentionally subversive art. 

Known for her poignant and childlike collages and drawings and potent mixed media sculptures, Claude Jones has undertaken specialist international study programs and associated residencies to develop her ceramic skills for her current exhibition, Broken, on show at Artereal Gallery throughout the month of November. 

The medium is naturally suited to this body of work, which takes aim at the broken bodies and trust of man's deceitful relationship with animals.  

In the lead up to her exhibition, Claude Jones documented her creative practice, experimentation with ceramics and her works in progress through this intimate series of in-studio photographs, taken during her recent residency in Mexico and more recently, at Sydney College of the Arts.

Claude Jones' solo exhibition, Broken, is now on at Artereal Gallery until Saturday 29 November 2014.

Endangered species (pictured above as a work in progress) is a cluster of ceramic, pale, embryonic, cloned and mutant hybrid creatures that huddle together seemingly for protection. They are drawn from species that are introduced; a mix of fox, deer and rabbit. All are animals that are hunted or 'culled' in Australia, seen as pests for both flora and fauna, and as the artist notes, "a threat to the illusive construct of balanced ecology. - Barbara Dowse, Curator


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  1. Great sympathetic work Claude. Thanks for putting these images together, Rhianna.


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