Friday, November 5, 2010

Fraser Street Studios Open Day...

Damian Dillon, Real Estate #2 Dublin/London/Sydney, 2010,
 Lambda print on aluminium, ink, 99 x 129cm

If you missed Damian Dillon's recent solo exhibition Jailbreak head along to the Fraser Street Studios this Sunday 7th November for their Open Day.

As part of his recent artist residency at the Fraser Street Studios, work from Damian's Jailbreak series can be seen in situ -  in the very space where the creative process unfolded. For those of you who are curious to know what it is that goes on  in an artist's studio this is a great chance to have a behind the scenes sneak-peak.

Work by other artists who have also recently completed artist residencies at Fraser Street Studios will also be on display. The aim of the Fraser Street Studios Visual Arts Residency Program is to support artistic development and expression with an emphasis on local community development through a diversity of art form practises. More than just a rustic warehouse space, the Fraser Street Studios are housed in a 3-storey heritage building located at 10 Kensington Street, Chippendale; a building that, in its lifetime has been a fire station, a police car impound and a rum store.

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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for the post about our Open Day. FYI: Its FraserStudios managed by Queen Street Studio.


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