Thursday, April 11, 2013


Claude Jones_corpus coop ( lagomorph & leporidae)_2013_Ceramic bisque, hennequen, glass eyes_43x35x17cm

Claude Jones is currently undertaking a 3 month ceramic residency in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. 

During the month of March, Claude was invited to exhibit at Artunit, a gallery in Harrlem, near Amsterdam. Her show 'Anthropocentrap' features new sculptural pieces, which are her first completed works during the residency.

"Anthropocen-trap combines the words “anthropocentric” and “trap” to suggest the human-centric perspective that both defines and ultimately limits the way that animals are predominantly perceived. 

In these sculptures, a cage and corset-like body, connects animal and human.  For me the, "cage" – or "coop" is symbolic of both literal entrapment, but also the metaphoric restraint of an historic and enduring anthropocentrism that inhibits us from questioning the ethics of our contradictory relationship with other animals." - Claude Jones, artist statement

From 28 March - 19 April 2013, Claude will also exhibiting a solo show at NOPX, a gallery space in Turin, Italy. Her show 'Rabbit Run, Run!' will feature mixed media works on paper.

For more information about her current solo exhibition, click here.

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