Thursday, July 4, 2013


Leahlani Johnson_Collaboration with Brook Morgan_installation at Artereal Gallery

Throughout the Collaborateurs exhibition, we will be sharing an interview with one of the exhibiting artists...


How did you and Brook Morgan first meet?

I first met Brook in 2005 as we were both undertaking our honours year in Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts (COFA), UNSW, Paddington. We have not met up again until this year when I started my Masters, also at COFA, and attended a weaving class that Brook was teaching.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Brook Morgan?

I thought the exhibition at Artereal would be a good opportunity to undertake a project that explores ephemeral gestures and materials in the gallery space, because it would be contained within a brief one-day time frame itself. Brook and I both work with natural occurring materials in our practices, such as flora and fauna, in different ways. Collaborating with Brook on this project will allow diverse responses to the same material of paper and flowers within a new context for both of us.

What is it about collaboration as a process that appeals to you as a contemporary artist?

I find it really interesting that a group of people could be viewing the same thing, yet each respond differently. So I think in collaborating as an artist you can have just that, another perception and perspective that could potentially broaden and bring clarity to your own work.

What is it that you hope to realise through this collaborative project?

Through this one-day project I hope we are able to have a conversation around value systems, exploring the materiality and passing nature of flowers in relation to other mediums.

Leahlani Johnson will be exhibiting today, Thursday 4 July, from 3pm-9pm.

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