Monday, July 8, 2013


Liam Benson_VB Sticker_2004

Every day throughout the Collaborateurs exhibition, we will be sharing an interview with one of the exhibiting artists...


How did you and Nick Atkins first meet?
Nick and I met in 2012 through working together on the production UnBard, a contemporary movement piece that celebrated a group of people living with disabillities from with Sunnyfield.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Nick for Collaborateurs?

I chose to collaborate with Nick because of his innate ability to draw out the beauty of a subject and find a way to help them tell their story through movement.

What is it about collaboration as a process that appeals to you as a contemporary artist?

Collaboration is an integral part of my creative process because it allows my to step outside of the comfort zone of my solo practice. I love sharing and absorbing ideas with other artists and seeing where a negotiation of thoughts can take us.

What is it that you hope to realise through this collaborative project?

I hope to realise a new physicality and sense of movement in relation to the ideas, thoughts and feelings I have about men and the culture of masculinity.

Liam Benson will be exhibiting today, Monday 8 July, from 3pm-9pm.

Click here to learn more about the Collaborateurs exhibition.

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