Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hayden Fowler_Call of the Wild i_2007_Mounted chromogenic photograph_dimensions variable

Claude Jones and Hayden Fowler are both currently exhibiting as part of Animal Fanfare at Pine Rivers Art Gallery in Strathpine.

The exhibition draws attention to humankind’s changing relationships with animals which are complex and often contradictory. The artists examine human nature and challenge us to think about how we treat animals, asking us to question the ethics of keeping, killing and engineering new species of animals.

The selected artists Katka Adams, Marian Drew, Hayden Fowler, Kelly Hussey-Smith, Owen Hutchison, Claude Jones, Sam Leach, Emma Lindsay, Rod McRae and Walter Stahl have dedicated much of their arts practice to this challenge. They have tacked the subject in diverse ways, seeing issues from different angles and expressing themselves through a variety of media including photography and moving images, painting, mixed media, print making, installation art, performance art and sculpture.

Animal Fanfare can be seen at Pine Rivers Art Gallery until 15 February, 2014.

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