Saturday, February 1, 2014


Jess MacNeil is currently included in a group exhibition entitled Of and For, presented by CASS Arts in association with the London Metropolitan University. 

Located at CASS Arts' new gallery space, 'The Bank' at Whitechapel High St in London, artists have been invited to respond to the site of a former bank - with the notion of inhabited space, both private and public underlying the exhibition. 

"The curatorial premise behind the exhibition "suggests that the experience of interior and exterior architectural space is expressed by the part rather than the whole, the fragment rather than a totality. The fragment is asymmetrical, dynamic, occupying a moment of internalised attention, as the agent of an unresolved narrative.

Here in the former premises of a bank, surfaces gleam and walls, floors and furnishings show evidence of a previous corporate occupancy. Signs of redundant utility mix in a space that is manifestly in transition, neither yet repurposed nor entirely deserted. The narrative of the site addressed for the exhibition is under construction, arrested, in a kind of hiatus, or is the subject of a query."

Participating artists include: Peter Fillingham, Dave Hanger, Mary Maclean, Jess Macneil, Caroline McCarthy, Karin Ruggaber, Camilla Wilson, Eleanor J Wright and Emily Wolfe.

Jess MacNeil will be presenting a solo exhibition of new works at Artereal Gallery in April 2014.

Of and For runs until 7 February 2014 at Bank Space, Central House in London.

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