Monday, February 3, 2014


Hyun-Hee Lee, Rachel Park and Karina Wikamto are all currently exhibiting as part of Crossing Boundaries - an exhibition curated by Catherine Croll and presented by the City of Sydney as part of the 2014 Chinese New Year Festival.

"Crossing Boundaries is a true celebration of the depth and range of relationships and artistic exchange that exists between Australia and the Asia Pacific as shown through the work of our extraordinarily talented Asian Australian artists.

One of the great strengths of our Australian population has been the ability to build upon what we share and celebrate our unique differences. 

Artists participating in Crossing Boundaries have created new work that reflects upon individual journeys undertaken, boundaries crossed and new territories explored to provide a dynamic exhibition with strong celebratory flavour for the Year of the Horse. 

Crossing Boundaries presents audiences with an eclectic range of paintings, sculptures, photographs, multi media, ceramics, installations, sound and videos which invite high levels of public interaction. 

In designing Crossing Boundaries I have worked hard to create new opportunities for dialogue and cultural exchange between participating artists and audiences through a vibrant public program featuring daily floor talks and artist forums." Catherine Croll, Curatorial Statement, 2014. 

Participating artists include: Ahn Wells & Laura Wilson, Akira Kamada, Chonggang Du, Dacchi Dang, Dongwang Fan, Ernest Aaron, Ganbold Lundaa, Greg Leong, Guan Wei, Hu Ming, Hyun Hee Lee, Jayanto Damanik, Joy Hopwood, Juma Adi, Karina Wikamto, Lindy Lee & Elizabeth Chang, Mai Nguyen-Long, Mayu Kanamori in collaboration with Maikei Hunt, Moyi Zhao & Yoshito Ito, Michael K Chin, Min Wong, Min-Woo Bang, Mylyn Nguyen, Nikki Lam, Pamela See, Pei Pei He, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Rachel Park, Rowena, Juliana & Angela Foong, Somchai Charoen, Song Ling, Soyoun Kim, Tianli Zu, Toshiko Oiyama, Vienna Del Rosrio Parreno, William Yang and Yiwon Park.

Crossing Boundaries can be seen at Sydney Town Hall until 9 February, 2014.

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