Thursday, June 4, 2015

SYLVIA SCHWENK / in group exhibition 'Multiples'

Sylvia Schwenk, dada, when up is down, 2015 (single channel DVD with stereo sound, 2 mins loop)

Congratulations to Sylvia Schwenk who will have her film, entitled dada - when up is down shown as part of the Multiples exhibition held at Brenda May Gallery from 9 June until 4 July.

dada - when up is down is a film that re-presents a work of socially engaged performance art presented by everyday people who met half an hour before the performance during the opening of the ‘going gaga with dada’ exhibition at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney, Australia in 2012.

Curated by Akky van Ogtrop, Multiples is an exhibition of prints, books, photographs and sculptural objects. The ideology behind the artist’s multiple is born out of the anti-art movement, fuelled by Dadaism, Fluxus, Conceptual Art and Pop Art. Creating artist’s multiples, typically in short runs, allows artworks to be accessible to a larger portion of the population via the employment of economical materials and processes. Also, by making reproducible artwork, the sacredness of the object itself decreases, allowing for the concept behind the work to take precedence and for these concepts to reflect the interests of their audience: the general public.

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