Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sydney College of the Arts Post Graduate Degree Show...

Sylvia Schwenk, One day I think I'll lend a hand VIII, 2009-10

The 2010 Sydney College of the Arts Postgraduate Degree Show opens tomorrow, Wednesday 8 December at the Rozelle Campus. Exhibited throughout SCA's galleries and studios, the exhibition will showcase the work of over 50 students completing their postgraduate degrees from the SCA Graduate School.

The works on display range from documentary photography, films, stop motion animation, glass, jewellery, ceramics, painting, performance, installation and much more.

Artereal artist Sylvia Schwenk, who is completing her PhD at SCA and exhibits internationally, is one of many artists whose work will be on display during the show. Her performance piece One day I think I'll lend a hand, but right now I need a new plasma TV, involves a group of performers in a grid formation performing simple and repetitive synchronised exercises.

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