Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Claude Jones At Gippsland Regional Gallery...

For anyone living in and around Sale in Victoria, make sure to check out Claude Jones current solo exhibition entitled Chimera at Gippsland Regional Art Gallery which runs until 11 September 2011.

The strange and fantastical creatures that populate Claude Jones’ art practice spring from an underlying concern with peculiar biologies. She mines the symbology of mutations to examine notions of taxonomy, gene modification and exoticism.

Works from this exhibition will later be exhibited at Artereal Gallery as part of her solo exibition Monkey Business which will run from 5 - 29 October 2011.

Claude Jones Hybrid sculptures are composed of a variety of materials including clay, doll parts, feathers, and paper mache. They range in appearance from awkward misshapen newborns (the Neonates) to elegant and refined (the Lagormorphs). At first seemingly harbingers of spellbinding wonder, the fruit of some Frankenstine-like process, the works slowly reveal their secrets."
Simon Gregg  - Curator

 Claude Jones_Chimera_install shot

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