Friday, November 4, 2011


Throughout November, Glen Henderson's moving image work The Lightness Matrix 2: SPACE will be screening in Federation Square in Melbourne.

The Lightness Matrix 2 : SPACE is a solo exhibition of work developed for public screen by Glen Henderson. In a search for mastery of some kind at the risk of metaphorically crashing to the ground Henderson employs transitions reminiscent of puppet theatre. In introducing each scene, her characters are more like scaled up figurines than puppets as they command centre stage before flying off to sit within the props to watch. This unfolding story of selling one's soul for knowledge and skill ensues until the curtains are drawn to a close and the story unfolds again. A beautiful creative work.

Screenings will be at 5pm and 9.30pm every evening on the Plaza screen and 12.30pm each day on the Atrium screen. For further information on screening times click here.

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