Friday, February 24, 2012


Liam Benson, 'Mrs Boss slays the malevolent scoundrel' Motion Picture, 2011
On Saturday 25th February 2012 Liam Benson will be showing his Motion Picture piece: 'Mrs Boss slays the malevolent scoundrel' as part of the 'Cycle in Cinema' Event, held at Taylor Square, Oxford Street.

Imagine a drive-in cinema with bikes instead of cars. Arrive early to plug your bike into a generator and take turns riding to power the performance. Each day brings something new: a special Queer Screen event, a curated program of short films by contemporary Australian and British artists, and a selection of 'green' films.

Saturday's program entitled 'Burn Baby Burn has been curated by Katrina Schwarz.
Arrive from 7.30pm to plug in your bike, films commence at 8.30pm.

Other artists who will be exhibiting on the same night include:

Todd McMillan
John A Douglas
Patricia Piccinini
Elizabeth Price
Emily Wardell
Sophie Lisa Beresford
Soda Jerk

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