Friday, March 23, 2012


Sydney based artist Jason Wing has created this wonderful paste-up installation as part of Art Month Sydney 2012 and the launch of the Rozelle Contemporary Art Precinct.

Jason utilises iconography from his Chinese Aboriginal heritage combined with self portraiture.

The clouds when replicated are a symbol of everlasting happiness. The boy is Jason, the children are symbols of eternal happiness. His three eyes represent the past, present and future, while the circular arrow symbol on his chest can be interpreted as circles of life, continuing on.

Jason’s neon installations can be seen in Chinatown, Sydney and many other public venues around Australia.

Artist statement - Jason Wing

“My art is inspired by the way my life has thrown up apparent contradictions. It is the place between the contradictory energies that creates a unique space for me to carve out who I am as an artist and a man.

My fathers family is Cantonese. My mothers family is Aboriginal (Biripi people near Taree). She is very connected to the land around her and has little time for money and business. I grew up moving frequently between cities and suburbs and then back to nature and the country. Themes that reoccur in my work weave together elements from these influences: Nature and man, the urban environment and respect for nature, my cultural influences and a sense of positive universal spirituality. Two things in opposition can become the base of a pattern, this inspires the way I work the elements of patterns, evolution, chance and coincidence into my artwork.

Stencil technique allows me to work in a fluid yet precise way; it can be recurrent, instant and unique. Unknown Aboriginal artist 40,000 years ago used the stencil technique to document social and historical teachings. I use the same technique to mark my own contemporary beliefs and mixed heritage. Papunya dots connect back to my Aboriginal heritage while bold graphic imagery, wood and paper cutting techniques refer back to the Chinese part of me. The two parts come together and cross over with the colours I often use: red, black, white and gold.”

Jason also has three limited edition prints exhibited in our stockroom here at Artereal...

Let Go, 2012, giclee print, edition of 5, 33 x 48 cm, $295

Soft Landing, 2012, giclee print, edition of 5, 33 x 48 cm, $295

Urban Renewal, 2012, Giclee print, edition of 5, 33 x 49 cm, $295

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