Saturday, December 15, 2012


Anna Carey_Flow_2012_video still

Starting this month, dLUX MediaArts have teamed up with Federation Square to present dTV, a monthly curated program of Australian video art screened at Melbourne's busy Federation Square.

Selected Australian artists will have their single channel video works shown on the big screen in Federation Square, taking the visitors on a journey into the world of contemporary video art. Stepping beyond recording performances, the featured artists will engage with screen based media on a variety of levels - exploring identity, historical positioning, cultural propriety, and social paradigms.

"What is Australian? What is an Australian identity? How does the physical landscape affect the social landscape and our sense of place as locals, visitors or international viewers with no direct experience of this country? What is a domestic landscape and how do Australian artists reflect their experiences and reflect their sensibilities through screen based mediums? These are just some of the themes you can expect to see during the dLux dTV screenings at Federation Square from December 2012." - dLUX MediaArts

During this month, four artists will be featured in Program 1: Past, Present, Future..., including Anna Carey, Dani Marti, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, and Sue Healey.

For the list of screening times, click here.

To learn more about dTV, click here.

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