Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ken + Julia Yonetani_Pillar with Fruit Bowl_Murray River Salt

From 31 January - 16 March 2013, GV Art Gallery is showcasing Art & Science. 

Featuring artists & scientists such as Ken + Julia Yonetani, the exhibition intends to challenge and question contemporary society's preconceptions toward art, science, and the inextricable nature of the two disciplines within our everyday.

Art & Science is an exhibition to provoke debate and discussion.

"Developing the concept of scientific illustration, these works instigate creative dialogues between art, science and new technologies to present the viewer with a complex and frequently personal subject. 

These visual dialogues bring a degree of accessibility to subject matter which often requires higher learning and understanding. However, they are not simply illustrative of scientific matters, but emotive works to challenge and provoke thought." - GV Art, Art & Science Press Release

In June 2011, Ken + Julia Yonetani exhibited 'Still Life: The Food Bowl' at Artereal Gallery. To learn more about the salt work series, click here.

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