Friday, March 1, 2013


Video interview courtesy of Das Platforms

Last week we featured one of Liam Benson's new photographs, Santa_2013, in which the artwork is currently exhibiting at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, as part of The Social exhibition.

The Social examines the relationship between contemporary art practice, social engagement and popular culture through the mediums of performance, narrative, photomedia and video.

Also exhibiting in the show is Perth-based artist, Abdul Abdullah, in which the artist often explores the notions of cultural identity and ethnic boundaries within his works. In the series 'Home', Abdullah creates installations throughout different Australian environments, imposing on the natural surroundings with material items - such as a white flag with the text 'HOME', referencing the notions of colonisation.

Featuring three photographic works, each image represents the idea of a self-sustaining system, such as a home, whilst also bringing to the fore the element of dependance these entities experience from the influence of external factors.

To learn more about the series 'Home', watch the video above.

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