Friday, July 5, 2013


Bridie Connell_St Teresa Swoon (video still)_2013_single channel DVD with sound, colour

Every day throughout the Collaborateurs exhibition, we will be sharing an interview with one of the exhibiting artists...


How did you first meet?

Brian: We met cuz we were there at the same place at the same time. She stood out from most of the rest and I knew she knew what others didn't. I wanted to talk.

Bridie: So we ditched the party and went to the 24 hour screening of The Clock.

Why did you choose to collaborate?

Brian: I’m a fan of her work.

Bridie: Ditto. I’m a fan of his work.

What is it about collaboration as a process that appeals to you as a contemporary artist?

Brian: I have me but, there is only so much of me I can know without the help/guidance/challenge from someone else.

Bridie: I’m stubborn and independent and more than a little shy about collaborating but I’ve found opening up to the right people is often the push I need to keep moving forward.

What is it that you hope to realise through this collaborative project?

Brian: That if you throw it up in the air someone else will catch it.

Bridie: I wanted a challenge and this project fell into my hands. I originally assumed we’d do a sound/installation split (best of both talents) but this track took me in a different direction… Hopefully it translates to an audience.

Bridie Connell will be exhibiting today, Friday 5 July, from 3pm-9pm.

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