Saturday, July 6, 2013


Inner West Courier_July 2013_photograph featuring artists Liam Benson and Ella Barclay

The Collaborateurs program has begun, and has been featured in various online publications, including Art Almanac, Concrete Playground, Two Thousand, The Daily Telegraph and Something You Said.

Our nine day exhibition was also featured in print, in the Inner West Courier... 


Wednesday 3rd July - David Capra and the Wizard of Oz
Thursday 4th July - Leahlani Johnson and Brook Morgan
Friday 5th July - Bridie Connell and Brian Chase
Saturday 6th July - Tully Arnot & Charles Dennington
Sunday 7th July - Sylvia Schwenk with the Grave Digger
Monday 8th July - Liam Benson and Nick Atkins
Tuesday 9th July - Ella Barclay and Yujunye, Meng Ping Chou, Hai Wen Hsu and Oper8or
Wednesday 10th July - Karina Wikamto and Michael Wikamto
Thursday 11th July - Nola Diamantopoulos with Psychotherapists

To follow the Collaborateurs exhibition, visit our website for daily photos.

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