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To coincide with his solo exhibition Nyctophilia, which runs until 1 August 2015, we sat down with artist Ben Ali Ong to talk about surrealism, Daido Moriyama and the importance of always carrying a camera... 

 Ben Ali Ong_Nyctophilia 2_2015

Describe your work in 100 words or less.

I am predominantly a photo media based artist, although I have produced works using video and mixed media. Choosing to work mainly in black and white, my brooding photographs are noted for their use of dream-like imagery. Dark, grainy vistas are layered against blurry, distorted objects, animals and figures, creating a disjointed and surreal narrative.

Preferring the artworks to speak for themselves, I present them in a manner that allows the viewer to construct their own meanings and interpretations, in order to achieve a state of self-reflection. This idea is woven through my work, which is also inspired by Surrealist film and writing. I am interested in the notion of the artwork being an open-ended fragment with multiple arrangements, and its potential to convey a subconscious or spiritual source. 

Why Art?

Art is my creative outlet. Some people play an instrument, or write a poem. I take photographs.

How has your artistic practice changed over time?

I have learnt to be more honest and confident with myself in regards to the creative process, as well as how I discuss my work. There is a trend that stems from art schools to over complicate things. Artists are expected to create a grand theme to justify their artworks in an attempt to give it significance. You could say this is conceptual or intellectual art, and although that is a legitimate style, it is not representative of ALL of the creative process. I am against the notion that all art practice has to fall into this category. It has taken me awhile to accept that this is not the way I work - not because I think simplicity is a virtue, but because complexity for it’s own sake is a bore.

 Ben Ali Ong_Nyctophilia 1_2015

  Ben Ali Ong_Nyctophilia 12_2015

Which Artistic movements or artists do you most identify with?

I have always looked to the work of Daido Moriyama. In the last several years I have also been very influenced by the French Photographer Antoine D’Agata. The artistic movement I most identify with is Surrealism. 

How do you work? Can you tell us about your process?

I try to carry a camera of some sort with me all the time. I like to make photographs over a specific time period and when I have accumulated a decent amount I will look over it all and try and find a connection. Ideas develop from there and I may get ideas for specific individual works to make to complete the story or body of work. I keep it all pretty loose like that. I have tried to force it in the past and it doesn’t work for me. It does for some people but I can’t do that. It just happens or it doesn’t’. 

If your work was a…

Smell... it would be wood.
Meal... it would be something simple but nourishing.

 Ben Ali Ong_Nyctophilia 14_2015

  Ben Ali Ong_Nyctophilia 18_2015

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