Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glen Henderson: The Lightness Matrix

Glen Henderson, Perceptions in Cell time B2, 2009

From the 24th November to the 5th December, Artereal artist Glen Henderson will transform the Parer Place Outdoor Screens of Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Industries Precinct into an expanse of colour and light from dusk every day.

The project is called The Lightness Matrix and has resulted from the Precinct's new artist-in-residency program of which Glen Henderson was the first artist to participate.

The Lightness Matrix unites, extends and melds Henderson’s persistent interests of over more than a decade of intense and prolific aesthetic practice. As the name ‘matrix’ implies, the artist charts and navigates across spatial planes as biomorphic forms coalesce with patterned, abstract formations and virtual images.

The Lightness Matrix as exhibited on the Parer Place Screens, is a vibrancy of colour and pattern as the magnified architectural and organic shapes resonate and expand. In this exhibition Henderson draws from an evolving study of long interest - spatial architecture and science. Viewers may observe a resurgence of codes and diagrams that inform her interdisciplinary practice.

‘As a maker of imagery I feel like a disjunctive poet bringing complex elements together and this work is an invitation to enter stage one of a space-time continuum,” Glen said.

From the smallest living organisms to designed and fabricated formations The Lightness Matrix looks at the way things are connected.

The Lightness Matrix also includes a sound component created in collaboration with sound construction group vOiCeArT.

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