Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ken + Julia Yonetani join Artereal...

Ken + Julia Yonetani, Sweet Barrier Reef in Venice #5, 2009,
Type C photograph (on metallic paper), alupanel, acrylic, 166.8 x 115cm, edition of 5.

Artereal Gallery is very pleased to announce that renowned contemporary artists Ken and Julia Yonetani have joined the stable. Ken + Julia are currently collaborating on a new solo exhibition to be held at Artereal in June 2011. In addition, their Ultrabuddha will be exhibited at Artereal during Art Month Sydney in March 2011.

Ken + Julia Yonetani began collaborating in 2009 with Sweet Barrier Reef for the 21st century - Play Strauss's waltz grandly; an installation of photographs, DVD, performance, and coral shaped cakes on raked sugar bed at La Trobe University Museum of Art, Melbourne. This followed Ken’s collaboration with the Australian Institute of Marine Science, which resulted in the work Sweet Barrier Reef, being exhibited in a group show Once Removed, curated by Felicity Fenner for the Venice Biennale in 2009.

Ken + Julia Yonetani have since shifted their focus from the Great Barrier Reef to inland Australia and exchanged sugar for salt in a major project currently underway whilst undertaking an artist’s residency in Mildura, Victoria. This project is supported by ANAT (Australian Network for Art & Technology) SYNAPSE Grant and furthers their practice of collaborating with local scientists to produce meticulous works engaging with the fragility of the environment. Investigating salinity and water issues and the complex relationships between the native landscape and the irrigated food bowl, the work will be exhibited in the #8 Palimpsest 2011, Mildura and at Artereal Gallery, Rozelle, Sydney in June 2011.

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