Friday, March 30, 2012


Simone Douglas, Surrender (Collision) III, 2008, type c photograph, 45.9 x 64.0 cm

 Simone Douglas, Surrender (Collision) I , 2008, type c photograph, 47.8 x 66.0 cm

Simone Douglas is currently exhibiting two works, Surrender (Collision) I and III, as part of the "Light Works" exhibition held at the National Gallery of Victoria. The exhibition is curated by Isobel Crombie and also includes other works by Mike and Doug Starn, David Stephenson, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Bill Henson.

"The sun’s light is an elemental force of nature without which our planet would not exist. Light is also fundamental for the creation of photographs, indeed some of the first photographs were named ‘calotype’ meaning a ‘beautiful impression’ created by light. Light, and its absence, it still a source of inspiration for many contemporary photographers. Works included range from photograms (camera-less images); large scale installations and digital light-based technologies" - Isobel Crombie, Curator.

Simone Douglas's Surrender (Collision) I and III were purchased by the NGV in 2001.

The exhibition will run from 23 March - 16 September 2012 at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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