Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Karina Wikamto_Family Tree Project_2013_mixed media installation

Every day throughout the Collaborateurs exhibition, we will be sharing an interview with one of the exhibiting artists...


How did you and Michael first meet?

Michael is my older brother and my only sibling. Iʼve known him my entire life.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Michael?

I thought it would be only right, given the concept of the work, that I choose to collaborate with a member of my family. My brother and I are close siblings. We have a shared experience that informs my art practice, familial values and beliefs.

What is it about collaboration as a process that appeals to you as a contemporary artist?

This is my very first collaborative project. I find the process to be artistically appealing as I often utilise the understandings and advice of my peers as guidance for the direction of my work. In the past, such given tasks as group work has always been a frustrating process. However, when given the opportunity to choose your team members and the components of the task at hand, the outcomes of or the experience gained from the process could prove to be rewarding.

What is it that you hope to realise through this collaborative project?

I hope that I come out of this process realising the benefits of having two minds work towards a common goal. Hopefully the outcomes will encourage me to consider doing more collaborative projects in the future.

Karina Wikamto will be exhibiting today, Wednesday 10 July, from 3pm-9pm.

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