Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hayden Fowler_production still xiii_2013_colour pigment print on cotton rag art paper_54 x 75cm

Hayden Fowler is currently exhibiting as part of a curated exhibition Intra-action: Multispecies becomings in the Anthropocene which is showing at MOP until 28th July.

Curated by Eben Kirksey and Madeleine Boyd Art Exhibition for the 2013 Australian Animal Studies Group Conference at the University of Sydney, the exhibition includes work by artists such as: Janet Laurence,  Maria Fernanda Cardoso,  Louise Fowler-Smith, Hayden Fowler, Andre Brodyk, Yvette Watt, Elaine Gan, Tarsh Bates, Erna Lilje and Beatriz da Costa. 

"A multispecies zeitgeist is sweeping contemporary art worlds. Spinning this spirit in a new direction, this show will animate the critical theory of Karen Barad, a feminist who is rethinking the nature of matter itself. A multitude of creative agents, only some of whom are human, will gather at the show. Strange structures, purloined from the hives of honeybees, will appear alongside soap made with milk from a family of American Spotted Asses. Hairless rats, creatures humans have created to help cure cancer, will scamper alongside the ooze of slime molds.

This show features time-based, sculptural, installation and photographic works by leading Australian and North American artists engaging with multispecies entanglements and conceptual diffraction within new materialism."

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